Alexis Jones (born c. 1600s) was the second wife of Edward Teague, the mother of Amelia Jones and paternal grandmother of Alexis Stoner and step-grandmother of Isabel and Ingrid Sparrow.

Biography Edit

The short lived life Edit

Alexis was born sometime after her brother, Davy Jones became the man in charge of The Flying Dutchman. Stuck at fifteen, Alexis who was nearly three hundred years old when she met and married Edward Teague. There, she became the step-mom of Jack Sparrow. She later became pregnant with a Captain Teague's daughter and named her Amelia . Alexis later took her daughter to Port Royal and was taken in by Sparrow. She was never seen again after leaving Amelia with her brother. It is implied she died at sea as she is seen in the same boat with Ruth Swann's birth mother.

Appearances Edit

  • Pirates of the Caribbean: The Black Pearl (mentioned)
  • Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End (first appearance)