Alyson Swann, often referred to as Aly, later known as Queen Alyson Teague-Sparrow is the main protagonist of The Swanns. She is the daughter and youngest child of Amelia and Weatherby Swann, the younger sister of Justin, Jennifer and Elizabeth Swann, mother of Jack, Danny and Red Mia Sparrow and sister-in-law of Margaret Swann, Will Turner, Hector Barbossa, and Captain Jack Sparrow, the aunt of Liam Turner,

She is also the maternal aunt of the Swann triplets (Isabelle, Victoria and Justin Swann III), all three who are closer to her in age by eight years. Aly is married to Jack Sparrow's brother, Drew and is the current Pirate Queen. She is also the keeper of the Wand of Amphitrite, in which Amphitrite, the Queen of the seas , gifted Aly with it in between and On Stranger Tides.

 Being the youngest of the Swann sisters, Aly tries to find her place in high society, but finds herself instead loving the life of a pirate over the life of a noblewoman.

Fictional biography Edit

Curse of the Black Pearl Edit

Alyson was six-years-old when they fished a young Will Turner out of the sea while she was singing with her older sister, Elizabeth. Nearly eight years later, Alyson is growing up, in love with the Harbormaster's assistant, who is Jack Sparrow's brother. She will also go on an adventure with Jack Sparrow and her childhood friend Will Turner to rescue her older sisters.

By the end of the first film, Aly leaves port Royal with Drew Sparrow and lives the pirate life with her husband and her new brother-in-law.

Expanded universe Edit

In the expanded universe, Alyson has married Drew Sparrow and has a daughter named Red Mia Sparrow and two sons named John and Daniel Sparrow. There is also a major battle after her daughter Red Mia was born. It was the battle in which ehr brother was killed. At last moments of a battle, Justin killed by an Red Jill and Alyson is forced to flee with her remaining family members.