Amelia "Mia" Anne Sparrow, also known as Red Mia Sparrow, born Amelia Teague is the daughter of Alyson Swann, the Pirate Queen of the Brethren Court and Pirate Lord of the South China Sea and Drew Sparrow, the younger brother of Jack Sparrow and sister of Jack II and Danny Sparrow.

She is a s free-spirited as her mother, but also reckless like her father and paternal uncle.

She is also best friends with her cousin, Matilda. Amelia is nicknamed Red Mia by her uncle. Her portrayal face claim is Zendaya.


Jack SparrowEdit

Jack is Mia's paternal uncle, who tries teaching her sword fight, but keeps on remembering she is only thirteen.

Captain TeagueEdit

Like her uncle and father, she rarely sees her grandfather, and begins to doubt he is actually her father's father or not. However, Drew tells her that he is related to them, not to worry about that.

Elizabeth SwannEdit

Amelia loves her aunt Elizabeth's hugs whenever she and her family visited her. However, because she retired from a life of piracy, Mia rarely sees her or her cousin, Henry.

Jennifer SwannEdit

Mia is close with her mother's oldest sister than she is with Elizabeth and is also her goddaughter.

Hector BarbossaEdit

The man married to her aunt, Jennifer, Barbossa is the one who nicknamed her Red Mia Sparrow because of all the blood spilt whenever she cut herself on many occasions. The name sticks and Amelia becomes "Red Mia Sparrow" but because of him, retains her normal personality.

Mattie BarbossaEdit

Mia is close with her mother's oldest sister's family, as she is best friends with Jennifer's and Hector's daughter, Mattie. Mattie and her often get to fights, but she and Mia learn to cope with each other. Both girls often fight in battle together or confide in one another.