Arabella James was Ruth's biological mother and a lover of Captain Hector Barbossa.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Not much of Arabella James' early life is unknown. All that was known was that her mother helped raise her alone, with her father unknown. All that is known She was thirty years old when she had Ruth and died in her late thirties/early forties. However, Arabella could not keep Ruth and gave her up to her old friends, the Swanns who wanted their daughter Elizabeth to have a companion.

At World's End Edit

Davy Jones' locker Edit

Her soul then transported to Davy Jones Locker, but was lost at sea. After Barbossa learns that their daughter exists, he locks Ruth in the captain's cabin so he doesn't risk losing her like he did her mother before Ruth was rescued by her older sister.

While in the land of the Dead, Ruth spots her mother, who realizes that both of the father and daughter finally found each other before saying farewell to her daughter and true love

Relationships Edit

Hector Barbossa Edit

She had one relationship with Hector Barbossa. That relationship had been in the form of a baby girl named Ruth. After the child was born, Arabella and Barbossa decided to give their daughter her best chance. It is implied Barbossa still had feelings for Ruth's mother, as he locks their daughter in the cabin fear of losing her "as he did her (Ruth's) mother"

Ruth Swann Edit

Arabella's daughter whom she loved very much. To give her her best chance,  Arabella leaves Ruth in the care of her old friend, Mrs. Swann her husband and already first-born daughter.