"I am Jennifer Swann, the daughter of Weatherby and Amelia Swann. I was a lady of high society; but now I am a daughter of the sea ! That's who I am"
—Jennifer Swann to Davy Jones

Arabella Barbossa (née Swann) mostly referred to as Ari, was the wife of Hector Barbossa, eldest daughter of Weatherby and Amelia Swann, the oldest of the Swann siblings and mother of Hannah, Giselle, and Cole Hector Barbossa.

Over the next eight years, she became friends with Will, but also distanced her self from Elizabeth and Alyson. Meanwhile, Ari was unaware her sister kept a gold medallion. She was kidnapped and brought aboard the black Pearl with Elizabeth and unexpectedly fell in love with her captor, Hector Barbossa, who also fell in love with her. However, their story did not end well, for Barbossa was shot and killed by a man named Jack Sparrow. Ari bid farewell to Aly when she fell into the sea with Jack and Drew. However, she would not see her sister for another year.

About a year later, Ari was forced into an engagement between herself and Cutler Beckett to save her sister. However, after Elizabeth escaped her prison, she took Ari with her, when they were reunited with Aly, who had sorrow of her husband Drew disappearing before Ari found him washed up on the shores of Tortuga. She was later unexpectedly reunited with Hector, whom married her to prevent her from getting forced into a loveless marriage with Lord Beckett.

Ari later went to rescue Sabrina and Jack. Over the year, she and Hector consummated their marriage and become unwarily pregnant with their son.

Personality and traitsEdit

As a lady of high society, Arabella was proper and treated like a lady. She usually didn't speak out of turn like her younger sister Elizabeth and she wasn't as adventurous as her youngest sister, Alyson. She once thought pirates were scum and lowlife, before she unexpectedly fell in love with her captor, Hector Barbossa. Her view on pirates would soon change, as she became one herself.

A woman dedicated to her family, Arabella made sure none of her little sisters were harmed. An example of this was when she sent Aly away while she and Elizabeth ran away to distract them. Another example would be when she was dissatisfied when her sister's wedding was ruined by Cutler Beckett. She even agreed to marry him to ensure her sister's safety and as well as Will's. Ari also abandoned Aly because she knew that her younger sister would be safe with Jack, which he promised to protect with Sparrow's life.


Over the course of her life, Arabella was able to develop several abilities that helped her excel in fighting and several others.

Sword fighting and dagger handling Edit


Requiring several training, Ari was able to become one of the best sword fighters man had ever seen before.

Arabella was at first a terrible swordswoman. However, Will Turner her brother-in-law later teach her how to fight, along with Elizabeth. After meeting a resurrected Hector Barbossa, she was able to disarm him. She was unable to ever beat Jack in one. She also shown this skill when fighting her enemy, Cutler Beckett in defense and could easily destroy him. She also uses a skill in sword fighting when Turner and Norrington and Sparrow were in a three way duel. She was also handy with a dagger, as she was able to swiftly remove Jack's Piece of Eight with one swipe of her hand. It was in favor of Hector Barbossa, planning to help her husband release Calypso.

She could also use her beauty to easily manipulate men into letting her go without even doing too much flattery. Also because of her strong true love bond with Hector, they could feel almost all of each other's pain.

Relationships Edit

Hector Barbossa. Edit

He and her later led the second mutiny, leaving Jack and Aly in Tortuga, while both of them and Drew knew that Aly would be safer with Jack.

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