Bilbo Baggins is one of the main characters in Pirates of the Caribbean-Hobbit crossover series

Bilbo was a Hobbit from Middle-earth. He went on a quest to reclaim Erebor from the dragon Smaug with His very close friend, Thorin Oakenshield. However tragedy stroke when Thorin was killed and Bilbo was sent into the world, where he became very close with Elizabeth Swann, the daughter of Governor Swann. He was kidnapped along with her by Hector Barbossa's crew of the Black Pearl before being saved by Will Turner, the man in love with Miss Swann.

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  • Bilbo is the protagonist of The Hobbit film trilogy
  • Bilbo is one of the main characters in The Hobbit-Pirates of the Caribbean crossover fan-fiction, called The Hobbit of the Caribbean.


  • Paternal family: Baggins
  • Maternal family: Took
  • Dis (adoptive sister)
  • Fili (adoptive nephew)
  • Kili (adoptive nephew), Thror (adoptive paternal grandfather; deceased), Dain I (adoptive great-grandfather; deceased), Náin (adoptive first cousin once removed), Dáin Ironfoot (adoptive first cousin twice removed), Belladonna Took (Mother), Bungo Baggins (Father), Balbo Baggins (Paternal Great-grandfather), Mungo Baggins (Paternal Grandfather), Laura Grubb (Paternal Grandmother), Adamanta Chubb (Maternal grandmother), Old Took (Maternal Grandfather), Belba Bolger (Paternal Aunt), Rudigar Bolger (Paternal Uncle), Longo (Paternal Uncle), Camellia Sackville (Paternal Aunt), Otho Sackville-Baggins (Paternal Cousin), Lobelia Sackville Baggins (Paternal Cousin-in-law/Second Cousin), Lotho Sackville Baggins (Paternal Cousin once removed), Linda Proudfoot (Paternal Aunt), Bodo Proudfoot (Paternal Uncle), Bingo Baggins (Paternal Uncle), Mungo's Siblings (Paternal Great-Aunts and Great- Uncles), Fosco Baggins (Paternal Cousin Twice Removed), Mirabella Brandybuck (maternal Aunt), Gorbadoc Brandybuck (maternal Uncle), Primula Brandybuck (maternal cousin), Frodo Baggins (maternal Cousin once removed/Paternal Second cousin once removed), Rosa Took (Paternal Aunt), Hildigrim Took (Paternal Uncle), Paladin Took (First cousin twice removed), Esmeralda Brandybuck (First cousin twice removed), Pippin (Paternal Second cousin once removed), Merry (Paternal Second cousin once removed), Lavender Grubb (Paternal Great-Aunt), Primrose Boffin (First Cousin Once Removed)

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  1. Portrays Bilbo for the majority of The Hobbit trilogy and the crossover film
  2. portrays Bilbo in the epilogue of the final film and in the entire Lord of teh Rings trilogy, and the beginning of the Hobbit teilofy
  3. Near Elizabeth Swann's shoulder because of him being from a different world.