"Jackie, the least you could do is to stop by and say hello to the family."

―Edward Teague to Jack Sparrow

This family was a family of notorious pirates, outlaws, scoundrels, thieves, pillagers, brigands, criminals, and convicts. Most of them lived in a household full of constantly brawling pirates on Shipwreck Island. Their most prominent members were Jack Sparrow, Mia Stoner, and Edward Teague.

Family membersEdit

  • Grandmama: Edward Teague's mother and the grandmother of Mia and Jack Sparrow. She was very strong and had a husky voice. She almost killed her grandson three times, but this was a sign that she loved him, according to Teague.
  • Edward Teague: Jack's father, Keeper of the Code and former Pirate Lord of Madagascar. A legendary pirate in his own right, Teague occasionally re-appeared in the life of his son, who followed in his buccaneering footsteps. The same happened for Alexis , who only met her father once.
  • Jack Sparrow's mother: Jack's mother and Teague's first wife. After she died, Teague kept her head, which was made into a shrunken head. Teague would later gave the head to Jack.
  • Alexis Jones: Teague's second wife. She mothered him Mia.
  • Jack Sparrow: As a child, he lived on Shipwreck Island but he eventually ran away from home to escape his hectic household and the torturings of his "Grandmama". He spent his teenage years embarking on a series of adventures with a ragtag crew. In his young adult life, he worked for the East India Trading Company until he refused to transport slaves, in which he took a permanent life of a pirate. He raised Alexis on the ship before giving her away to Lord and Lady Jones.
  • Amelia "Mia" Jones: The daughter of Edward Teague and younger sister of Captain Jack Sparrow. She was also best friends with her sister-in-law, Ruth Swann. Mia also had a relationship with a man named Josh Norrington, who was the younger brother of Commodore Norrington. They both had a daughter named after her late mother.
  • Ruth Swann: The wife of Jack Sparrow and daughter of Captain Barbossa as well as the adopted daughter of Weatherby Swann. She became pregnant with their children in the fourth film, both twins named Izzy and Ingrid. Shetook her husband's last name alias hyphened with her daughters and son.
  • Izzy Sparrow: The first born child of Ruth and Jack Sparrow and the twin of Ingrid and older sister of James.
  • Ingrid Sparrow: The second-born child of Ruth and Jack Sparrow.
  • James Sparrow: The third born child of Ruth Swann and Jack Sparrow and younger brother of Izzy and Ingrid.
  • Alexis Norrington: The only child and daughter of Joshua Norrington and Alexis Jones.
  • "Ace" Brannigan - a pirate captain and Jack's uncle. He was usually beaten by the others.
  • Hazel: Jack Sparrow's aunt. She has little information for her.
  • "Quick Draw" McFleming: Jack's and Amelia's second-aunt. She always attacked Grandmama
  • Valerie: Jack's pirate cousin. Teague has great respect for his niece, wishing Sparrow and Jones were like her.
  • Mabeltrude the Violent Visionary: A cousin of Grandmama's. When Jack was eight, she predicted that he would nearly burn down Grandmama's ship, consequently causing her and Teague to lock him in the brig where he couldn't do too much damage.
  • Patriarch - He controlled the family inheritance of plundered treasure. Teague constantly schemed to overthrow this man and secure all the loot for himself.
  • The "Little Cousins" - "Quick Draw" McFleming's children, whom Jack found to be extremely unpleasant.

Family Edit

               Unknown male------+------Grandmama
Unknown female------+------Edward Teague-------+-------Alexis Jones
                    |                          |                      
                    |                          |
Ruth Swann +    Jack Sparrow             Amelia Jones + Christopher Stoner
           |                                          |
  +--------+--------+                                 |
  |        |        |                                 |
 Izzy    Ingrid  James                          Alexis Stoner

Related family Edit

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  • Barbossa family (by marriage)
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