Jane Augustine Turner is one of the three main protagonists in the Pirate in their Veins series. She is also the best friend of Ruth Swann and Amelia Sparrow. She is portrayed by Emma Watson.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Jane was born soon after her father unknowingly abandoned his wife while she was pregnant. After the death of their mother and father, Will took it upon his ability to look after his younger sister in honor of their parents. However, both of them refused to believe their father dead when someone mysteriously sent her a medallion just like Will's. The two were found by the Swann Sisters, Ruth and Elizabeth Swann. While Will became a blacksmith, Jane became a maid servant in the Swann household.

Appearance and personality Edit

Unlike her friends, Amelia and Ruth, Jane is girly and less tom-boyish than her friends. However, Jane still cares for her friends and doesn't care who shes friend's with, whether she has one or none. She does care for her brother, as they have looked out for each other for years.