Ruth Swann, also known as Ruth Barbossa (born Ruth James Barbossa) is the true main protagonist of Pirate Blood in their Veins, appearing in all five films more than the other girls). She is the adopted sister of Elizabeth Swann, the adopted daughter of Weatherby Swan, biological daughter ofArabella James and Captain Hector Barbossa and mother of Ingridand Isabel Sparrow. She is portrayed by Zoey Deutsch.

 Biography Edit

Ruth was born on the Black Pearl before her father was First Mate of the Black Pearl. In order to keep Ruth away from ten year-old Jack Sparrow.

Curse of the Black Pearl Edit

Dead Man's Chest Edit

At World's End Edit

Everyone went on the quest to save Jack Sparrow from Amelia's uncle, Davy Jones', locker for their own reasons. Ruth wants to do it out of guilt for just leaving him on the Black Pearl and that she is in love with him a great deal. However, Jack remains cold and indifferent to her until she falls overboard trying to get her father's attention that she found her real mother.

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Will Turner Edit

Ruth first met Will Turner when her sister saved him and his sister Jane from drowning. Will and her go on an adventure that will ensure their friendship to one goal they share: saving their friend (Ruth's sister) Elizabeth

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Elizabeth Swann Edit

When the girls were very young, Ruth and Elizabeth were unaware that they were adopted siblings as opposed to biological ones. They both were each other's playing companion. However, when Elizabeth first met Jane and Will Turner, Elizabeth and Will treated her like a third wheel. However both of them were still close nonetheless.

The Swanns Edit

Ruth was adopted by Weatherby Swann and Mrs. Swann. She loved her adopted parents equally, but after her motehr died, Governor Swann took it upon his ability to raise their daughters (Both their biological and adoptive one)

Hector Barbossa Edit

Ruth's biological father. Barbossa does anything to protect Ruth, showing he had locked her in the captain's headquarters to avoid anything bad happening to her like her mother. She takes on his last name after her father's death out of respect, but keeps Swanna s her other surname.

Arabella James Edit

Ruth's biological mother. She doesn't seem to even know her real mother, as Arabella died before the events of ''Pirate Blood in Their Veins''. However, in the ''AT World's End'' segment, Ruth meets her mother's ghost in Davy Jones' Locker, who is glad Ruth finally found her real father.