The Swann triplets refer to Isabel, Victoria and Justin Swann II. They are the children of Justin and Margaret Swann and the nieces and nephew of Elizabeth, Jennifer and Alyson Swann. They are also eight years younger than their aunt, Alyson, being babies at the time they rescued Will Turner.

Isabel Swann Edit


Isabel was born on the seven seas on the way to their new home Port Royal located n Jamaica. She was the first one born out of her other twins. At eight years old, Isabel's father moved into his own mansion he built and Isabel also is close with her aunt, Alyson because she is the only one who is considered a "child" there. Isabel was also present when Alyson got "kidnapped" by Jack Sparrow and Will Turner. Isabel also is orphaned when her mother passes away from an unknown illness and her father killed by pirates, which Isabel leaves to live with her mother's sister's family.

Relationships Edit

Isabel was close with both her mother Margaret O'Hara and aunt, Alyson Swann.

Family Edit

  • Margaret (mother, deceased)
  • Justin Swann (father, deceased)
  • Victoria Swann (sister)
  • Justin Swann II (brother)
  • Unborn son (in the future)
  • Weatherby Swann (paternal grandfather, deceased)
  • Mrs. Swann (paternal grandmother)

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